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About Us

Our philosophy has always been to transform a house into a source of pride for the owner. By carefully tailoring it to individual needs, it becomes a fuctional and beautiful home to be loved. We take satisfaction in making our client's dream home a reality.

The Art in Making (Singapore), or TAIMS, as it is known today, is a boutique interior design studio specialising in high-end, luxurious interiors. Creative director and founder Jael Ang started TAIMS in 2005. Artistic by nature, Jael inspired to be a designer even at a young age. Today, she lives her childhood ambitions and combines it with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. After more than 15 years as an interior designer, she continues enjoying the thrill and satisfaction of transforming blank spaces into comfortable residences.

At TAIMS, passion drives our team, but at the heart of our work is a commitment to providing dream homes. Every project is a product of carefully executed space planning resulting in functional living spaces. A sensitive approach to furniture and soft furnishings brings to life stylish and timeless living spaces. We also take pride in providing well-crafted, customised furnishings that elevate the look of the interior.

The design concepts we develop greatly emphasise elegance. Whether it is a trendy contemporary interior or an enduring modern home, a home can be infused with luxury, resort and hotel interior influences for an intimate and upscale look.

Over the years, TAIMS has built a strong portfolio of high-end projects in Singapore and Southeast Asia. TAIMS focuses on condominium apartments and landed properties. Here, we take a personal yet highly systematic approach to each project. Close communication with our client and organised project management are central in ensuring that our clients enjoy a peace of mind during the design and renovation period.

Our clientele is largely through referrals and word-of-mouth, which is a strong testament to our dedication. We deeply value the honour when our clients return to us for their new homes or renovations to existing spaces. With each project, our team of dedicated interior design experts stays true to our vision to provide client-oriented services and personalised design. At TAIMS, we truly love what we do and aim to deliver exceptional service to bring your dream home to life.

Core Values



We live and work daily to earn the trust of those with whom we associate. We seek to say what we can and will do, and do what we said we would. We seek to build relationships in which a level of trust is maintained to the benefit of all involved.



Every human being has intrinsic value and dignity, which we recognize and respect in our business and personal relationships. We will conduct ourselves and our businesses by listening, understanding, producing and serving - with a high level of focus and discipline.



We love life and our profession. We find enjoyment in what we do and in the relationships we develop. We do not like the ''dull and boring'' in where we work, sub we can be as funky and creative as we like! What can one ask.



Leadership is influence. Influence, and our abilities to lead are earned by our character, caring, and creative visions. We seek to lead others personally, professionally, and in the community toward a better quality of life

Our Vision

To establish an international reputation for infusing artistic and creative passions in the zealous pursuit of interior design that will dramatically enhance living environment and enrich personal experience. Conceiving and executing interiorscapes that both challenge convention and invite a comforting interaction is a key characteristic of our work.

To be able to listen and translate what we hear into what you see. Encouraging a fun, team-like participation with our clients during the design process is paramount to our methodology. A home speaks volumes about its owner. Each room another chapter revealing more about the people who reside within. TAIMS Interior is ready to help you write the next chapter in your own book of dreams.

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